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This site does not mean in any way to convince you that love affairs can replace couples relationships or family warmth, and does not consider "love affair" as a daily way of life. No, no way! But... if you will still wonder why this temptation remains present (constantly defying hypocrite appearances), here are some possible answers (mostly as a joke), of course, in a kind of misogynistic way, garnished with sarcasm and irony:

1. - If you're having a "love affair", during this time you will be in no way forced to discuss taxes, rent, electricity bill, phone bill, monthly interest rate or debt.

2. - A "love affair" does not include the "promotional package" called the MOTHER-IN-LAW

3. - A "love affair" involves only a relatively small amount of money. Getting to know a "serious gal" you must have: time, clothing, money, a car, a house, and last but not least, a well paid job. If the girl becomes your wife, then all you've worked for in order to get to her, will be taken away. Self respect included.


4. - When life is a "love affair", then every night you can "marry" whoever you want, and the next morning you can pretend not knowing her.

5. - Although it doesn't wash, iron or cook for you, a "love affair" will not spread out all her make-up stuff, bras or nylons around the house , will not yell at you for not keeping the house clean, even if your stuff is just packed up in a small closet.

6. - "Love affairs" are never followed by divorces leading to bankruptcy, from which will result that a "stable relationship" is much more of a bitch.

7. - If you're having a "love affair", you are not forced to give a report on how much you've spent (out of your paycheck) on fishing tools or car parts for the car lying in the garage, nor to pay (from your paycheck again) for her credit cards with which she bought shoes, purses and dresses, that make her look fat anyway.

8. - Whilst having a "love affair", you can fulfill your sexual fantasies even when you're watching the game. And most certainly nobody gets upset. And if by any means, somebody does get upset...who cares?

9. - When having a "love affair", you will never have to remember any anniversaries marking your first date, first kiss, first...first...first...and you will never have to look for all kind of perfect presents for these anniversaries, at which anyway you're never the celebrated one.

10. - After a "love affair", nobody will ask you to grow up, change, or become a serious man...that means working in order to pay for cosmetics, hairdresser, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and last but not least - dreamlike vacations where you need to show good organizational skills, but also be the romantic...seductive guy from all the crappy soap operas invading your life.

And the list still goes on!

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